"I love it : I don't want to Lose it"

"It was Friday afternoon in July; we found the house we wanted to buy. The following morning the house was ours. The man behind this incredible, expeditious task is “Vik Sagar”
He communicated and negotiated wisely with seller’s agent, drove to seller’s agent’s office to drop the contract paper and worked until midnight with dedication to close the deal. He provided efficient support throughout closing by educating us thoroughly on loan processing and approval.
Vik Sagar’s approachable, people-friendly, humorous attitude, excellent communicating and negotiating skills, thorough knowledge of market makes him a true, dedicated real estate agent. We are confident that he will always leave a good impression on first time buyers and will maintain an everlasting happy clientele relationship.
Sarana and Prajesh Parajuli

- Sarana and Prajesh Parajuli, Schaumburg IL

REO Purchase in Schaumburg

"My wife and I came to Vik after having already looked at 30 houses with another realtor. As first time homebuyers, we had become extremely frustrated with what we felt as a “hustle” and had decided to postpone our search to the following year. I came into our first meeting with a healthy dose of skepticism because of our past dealings but it didn’t take long for Vik to gain my trust. Vik was extremely professional and it was evident early on that he knew a lot about the area in which we desired to purchase. Vik was very patient and always gave his honest opinion. In the end we were able to get a house that I could have never imagine (and well within our price point). My wife and I know that it wouldn’t have been possible without Vik.

Michael J. Bates
Assistant Director, Executive MBA Program
Director of Admissions & Recruitment
Executive MBA Programs, Kellogg School of Management
Northwestern University
2169 Campus Drive
Evanston, IL 60208

- Michael Bates, Schaumburg IL